“I'm a rugged weirdo who thinks about skulls all the time, inverted crosses, tombs, mouldering decay. I picture burning beasts howling, adorned with intricate jewelled crowns. Comfortable Outsider. My cerulean blue  hands are pushing enemies into a volcano whilst something noisy plays in the background. Occasional Rum and coke. Violent Science Fiction. 80's/90's action films. Pills. The folk I love. The cats I love. Endless coffee on Sunday mornings. Bukowski. McCarthy. Tool. All my days smeared across ragged boards” 


April 2021

The Tenth Outsider Art 2021 

Toyohashi City Museum of Art and History 6th April - 11th April

Toyohashi City Culture Hall 13th April - 18th April



MOC x 10 @Kekun Studio group exhibition


Hophead Project, Fierce Beer Aberdeen - group exhibition

JAZZ UP YOUR LIZARD @Gallery Lock In, Brighton -solo exhibition

From small seeds grow@Seventeen, Aberdeen - group exhibition/curator


Life is your very own canvas @Seventeen, Aberdeen - group exhibition/curator


Tight Modern, Creative Future @multiple locations - group exhibition

Miraculous Urgency @Now and Again Gallery, Brighton - group exhibition


Aberdeen Artists Society @Aberdeen Art Gallery - group exhibition (colab with Stu Allan)


Outside In Scotland @Perth Museum and Art gallery - group exhibition

Impact Art Fair @Block 336, Brixton, London - group exhibition

Publications, press etc

Viva Brighton issue 48

Pussy magazine - Skullfucked By Ghouls publication

New York Times 'in a gray city some see a blank canvas'

Aberdeen Evening Express 'cats of the roman empire'