“I'm a rugged weirdo who thinks about skulls all the time, inverted crosses, tombs, mouldering decay. I picture burning beasts howling, adorned with intricate jewelled crowns. Comfortable Outsider. My cerulean blue  hands are pushing enemies into a volcano whilst something noisy plays in the background. Occasional Rum and coke. Violent Science Fiction. 80's/90's action films. Pills. The folk I love. The cats I love. Endless coffee on Sunday mornings. Bukowski. McCarthy. Tool. All my days smeared across ragged boards” 



MOC x 10 @Kekun Studio group exhibition


Hophead Project, Fierce Beer Aberdeen - group exhibition

JAZZ UP YOUR LIZARD @Gallery Lock In, Brighton -solo exhibition

From small seeds grow@Seventeen, Aberdeen - group exhibition/curator


Life is your very own canvas @Seventeen, Aberdeen - group exhibition/curator


Tight Modern, Creative Future @multiple locations - group exhibition

Miraculous Urgency @Now and Again Gallery, Brighton - group exhibition


Aberdeen Artists Society @Aberdeen Art Gallery - group exhibition (colab with Stu Allan)


Outside In Scotland @Perth Museum and Art gallery - group exhibition

Impact Art Fair @Block 336, Brixton, London - group exhibition

Publications, press etc

Viva Brighton issue 48

Pussy magazine - Skullfucked By Ghouls publication

New York Times 'in a gray city some see a blank canvas'

Aberdeen Evening Express 'cats of the roman empire'

"one day we will all be skeletons together"

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