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(If you are going anywhere exotic and strange, a volcano or underground cavern for instance, let me ken and I'll furnish you with an intrepid companion or two)

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My pal B made an intrepid adventure to Chichen Itza, an ancient Maya city. Next stop was the Temple of Kukulcan, also known as El Castillo. She then amazingly reunited my cardboard jaguar with it's spiritual stone companion! Outstanding. Asombroso. You rock x  


I met a man in a coffee shop. He was a tip off from my pal Jonty. A mysterious voyager. "you guys have to meet". Seb Modak, genuinely one of the nicest folk I've ever stumbled upon; radiating an immense warmth and interest and curiosity. Instant pals. What better custodian than a man who is spending an entire year hopping from city to city weekly, WORLDWIDE and is also cat daft. I entrusted him with two cardboard allies and zoom, he was off. Please follow his Instagram, scroll right back and let his adventure unfold before you. Glorious. Hai Chutney x


My pals Kate and Hannah are most cultured folks and managed a super drop literally at the feet of the Paris Opera House. Magnifique x 


My pal Darcy aimed for the summit of Mighty Kilimanjaro; unfortunately waylaid with altitude sickness and seeing faces in rocks she had to abandon her climb halfway up. Luckily this cardboard rascal landed in the exotic climes of Zanzibar. Darcy, I salute you! Kubwa! x 

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