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Gweetings all. I've cannibalised this post from an oldie on my old blog. It's not new ok. Cast your imagination back to the year 2017 *cue swirling vortex*

I'm so behind, or ahead, that I've finally sat down to say some words and share some bonny pictures about the not-so-recent show I did down at Brighton.

My dear friend Kate Davey held a five year celebration of her first ever blog post and kindly asked me to be part of this, holding an exhibition of my art down in Brighton. Kate is a walking talking resource on Outsider Art in all it's guises, her writings are superb and she's an all round number one in everyone's heart. I normally don't think about exhibiting or really having any part in the regimented and archaic manner art is still presented/viewed/misunderstood BUT Kate won through so me and The Hannah planned an exhausting and slightly demented road trip, not to mention I also only had a few months to paint; having traded away most of my existing art for werewolf drawings.

NOT MY ART but great view of the semi-secret gallery

Armed with a large bag of creepy art and some funcy coffee we strode off into the mist to find  Gallery Lock In, The Hannah perceptively spotting a slightly open door on an otherwise unmarked and innocuous building. Inside: a black bricked damp cave, girls, newspaper all over floor. Not a Fulci set, our exhibition space! Beth Troakes had created a semi-illegal two roomed secret space, a bat cave but for things of a more ghoulish nature. Can you say HELL FUCKING YEAH? Beth battled a leak and we all set about prepping this and that, as is the nature of these things it seems. The jazzy Lizzie Lower from Viva Brighton talked with me prior to our trip down and wrote up a richt rare article in response. She stopped past to drop it off in physical format. Fuck, this was happening.

Kate has written a fascinating article on exhibiting outsider art, based on our experience. Have a wee read, it's great and concisely sums up our day.

Lots of people came to the opening; friendly, interesting, weird, open-minded folk who got involved and had fun and it was a really fine night. Lot's of art was sold which is ever humbling and I made some new friends whilst sweating in a corner talking about mystical beasts and drug-wolves. As I typed that I realised drug-wolves probably fall under into the 'mystical beast' category but any excuse to type drug-wolves eh?

We held a WEREWOLF SWAPSHOP which was amazing, trading my cats of the roman empire for werewolf drawings. That's another blog post in itself, watch the moon folks.

I was making an honorable mention list but if you are reading you know who you are, friendship new or old, and you fucking rock. Shout out to The Hannah, for being my adventure buddy, perfectly x

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"one day we will all be skeletons together"

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