Outside You: here and now

Mongolian Horyig Script: 'here and now'

My grounding source. You have but the breath in your lungs as you stride forth, and as someone who has lived in the darkness on a knife edge precipice it's vitally important I never lose sense of what keeps me alive and living. My beautiful family. The folk I love. Art. Cats. Coffee. I've gently slipped into a creative solitude again, a headful of ideas and a belief I can fully realise them all in a heartfelt and honest manner. I'll bring these words right up to my here and now...

Fragments 2012 - 2020

Where was I...Impact Art Fair was done and dusted...I was home to my high rise of chaos. My Masterplan was to sell enough art each month that I could drop another day of work from my crappy employment. I was selling enough to fund extensive blackwork sessions, covering my hated tattoo sleeve (that's a blog post in itself!). I had a great experience at an Outside In show at Perth Art gallery.

Sold some art. Got drunk. Met nice folk.

A sadness creeps into my days. Sometimes I'd literally leave work mid-shift, walk home and paint entire paintings black or yellow or smash and crush them to hell with my hands. It was due to a pain in my heart I couldn't translate adequately. I always felt my cat Pudding was disappointed in me when I did this. My Crassula Ovata withered a little, my coffee mug sat cold. I stopped selling art, trading art, eventually making art. The pictures I was making at the time captured a sore soul in peril of capsizing.



A happiness crept into my days. Life started all over again. My Crassula Ovata kicked the bucket due to our kitten Crumble and his violent manner but it's cuttings live on.

Big Daddy and little wee Crumble

More exhibitions, including a solo show. Endless thanks as ever to Kate and Beth; dream come true. I felt like I was making a mark and staying true to my art, what a feeling. If you've never experienced that as an artist, just believe you can and pursue it with vigour and frothing gusto. It's really great.

Then some heartbreaking tragedies, and some fist pumping triumphs and all-the-stuff-inbetween- that-isn't-art and here we are: poised, feet planted, loose, fluid, ready to fucking destroy in the nicest way possible. Definitely still on the Outside, should never have doubted myself. Lone wolf to the end, awooooooooooooooo......

  1. Werewolf Abbey (my art studio) almost back up and running again. I'll use it for making art and making art shows. Page to follow.

  2. GO HUNGRY YOU ELECTRIC BITCH t-shirts: my wife and I's imaginary t-shirt company is going to be an actual real project. We'll have shirts till the cows come home.

  3. CATS OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE will be tup tupping again, so get oot and get some good vibes

  4. Selling art. I've been painting. I'll sell art again. You need some art? nae bother, you got it. Got a few things coming up this year where art will be for sale. I actually hate the 'business' side of things as anyone who knows me knows, but lets see if I can navigate the minefield in a manner where no legs get blown off.

Steve 28.05.20 x


"one day we will all be skeletons together"

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